Construction is committed to the development of top quality in-ground swimming pools, utilizing unrivaled materials and components. Our team is cost and time proficient and have years of experience in building and commissioning the best swimming pools.

We believe in transparency. So, if you think that building a private pool is time consuming, could affect your property, and would be additional maintenance in the long run, then here’s a jot down of the way we construct your customized pool in your premises without causing any effect to the property, and provide a trouble free pool for you to enjoy for many years.

Below are some examples of types of pool we construct

Skimmer pool

The skimmer swimming pool is characterized by lateral openings located along the inner perimeter of the tank, which allow water to flow into the sand filter zone and then be fed back into the tub once disinfected. The number of skimmers depends on the length of the pool and must be sufficient in number so that there is no stagnation along the edge.

This is definitely the most classic and economical solution if you choose an in ground pool.

Natural Pool

Natural swimming pools are very impressive, true bathing lakes that embellish your garden in all seasons. They are usually made of sand, resin-marble sand, gravel or pebbles. The natural design is perfectly suited to the landscape, becoming a real part of it and giving it a dreamy atmosphere.

Overflow Pool

The Overflow pool is the ideal solution for those who love the visual continuity between sea and sky or between earth and sky. The water comes flush with the outside pavement overflowing in a classical duct or into splits directly cut in the floor or at the edge.

Underflow Pool

The underflow swimming pool has revolutionized the concept of water overflowing. The pool’s water overflows under the pool’s edge, along the perimeter, hiding the overflow channel, thus achieving a clean and aesthetic final result. Thanks to this technology it’s possible to easily adjust the level of the overflow that may eventually undergo some changes due to the settling of the ground or geological events.

Above Ground Pools

The professional above-ground pool offers numerous advantages:

  • Cheaper
  • Can be installed in a few days
  • Speed and ease of installation;
  • Easily removable and also usable in areas where only temporary structures are allowed (seasonal use).

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