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The substantial swimming pool edifice can be constructed both by Shot Crete or uniting or formwork methods. The Shot Crete and uniting process construct the walls and bottom of the pool as a separate unit. The formwork system creates the wall and pool center as two parts. The first method is more prevalent. Swimming Pool builders recommend it.

The location selected for the pool necessity be ideal for expediting regular maintenance. It is highly suggested to choose a flat terrain, which can help in large cost reduction for the removal and filling manner. WIJE DNA PVT LTD recommends a land incomparably away from trees. Because it helps to avoid a pool filled with leaflets. The familiarization of the swimming pool is best when constructed facing the sun.

Between the building methods (Using formwork and Shot Crete), the most optimal prospect is the development by Shot Creting. This system develops a solid structure that holds the force entirely. In the formwork system, walls and floor have a notch which has chances to become separated. Presenting more thickness to the formwork can support avoiding this difficulty.

The pool base is equipped with a pool inclination or slope for easy emptying of water into the filter system. The grade chosen must be such that it does not affect the excess of the swimmers. The highest gradient of 1 in 40 is approved for a pool that children and non-swimmers use. Proficient emptying lacks a grade of 1 in 80 (As per British and Euro Codes).

For protection, a regular pool shell wants a minimum girth of 6 inches, excluding the plaster. The depth of the concrete base and walls of the pool defines its durability. The more the thickness, the less is its exposure to fissures and cracks. Generally, a thickness of the bottom of the pool is provided greater than the walls.

Depending on the sector, a concrete pool can cost Rs.1000000-Rs.2000000 depending on the sector, but it’s not unusual for others to cost more, but WIJE DNA Swimming Pool builders don’t cost more than the estimate. We only charge to the task we do, No hidden charges with us. As we are the leading Swimming pool designers, maintainers, chemical providers, and equipment sellers, others cannot afford our prices easily.

The pros and cons steep down to this: concrete has meaningful benefits in terms of features.

  • Customizable
  • Durable
  • Pretty

Of course. We guarantee our work with our 15 years experience and as well as we offer free maintenance for your new building pool. WIJE DNA PVT LTD’s Swimming Pool builders guarantee their work for every inch they make and every step they keep.

It’s a good idea to check out what kind of equipment the swimming pool builders use and what kind of warranties and guarantees we offer on that equipment. WIJE DNA PVT LTD uses high-quality Swimming Pool equipment with more than 1-year warranty and more than 2 years service warranty. So, don’t be scared to contact us. Have a nice day.

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