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What We Offer

We are among the leading pool builders and service providers in Sri Lanka. Apart from swimming pool construction, pool maintenance, equipment installation, water quality maintenance, and pool hygiene are also undertaken. We provide swimming pool equipment for water circulation and making water crystal hygienic and clear. Further, we sell all equipment needed to operate and clean the pool. Unlike most other Swimming pool construction companies in Sri Lanka have our own in-home Laboratory. Swimming pool pumps, pool filters, main drains, pool ladders, inlets, vacuum points, vacuum hoses, vacuum heads, pool lights, chlorinators, test kits, leaf nets, pool brushes, and telescopic poles are also available.

When building a swimming pool, there are several steps in the Procedure to Construct Concrete Swimming Pool. But, no worries. WIJE DNA Swimming Pool builders only need your word and order placement. We carry on the job step by step. Refer to our following services for further information on the Swimming Pool building and construction.

Excavation of Earth

After the design and location to build the swimming pool are fixed, the next step is to dig the area to prepare for building the pool. The following steps conduct it:

  1. First, we mark the perimeter of the swimming pool you want to develop us using wooden stakes. WIJE DNA team accurately locate the area of the swimming pool by extending a tread along the perimeter.
  2. We use our backhoe machines to remove the earth within the perimeter easily. We always take responsibility for nearby drainage, electric line, or water line crossing after informing us.
  3. Then we dig the area, considering the space occupied by the base of the swimming pool. The dimension of casting the soil is accurately followed as per the design plan in hand.

Building the Swimming Pool Base

Construction of the pool base is the essential phase that influences the life of the swimming pool. The excavation is carried so that the rump face becomes regular and smooth. If the site has liberated soil, then it must be packed and compacted with firm soil.

We Always provide the pool base with a pool gradient or slope for easy emptying of water into the filter system. WIJE DNA PVT LTD considers your ease every time. So, the slope should be built not to affect the balance of the swimmers in the pool. A maximum angle of 1 in 40 is recommended for a pool by Swimming Pool builders that children and non-swimmers use. Proficient emptying requires a grade of 1 in 80(As per British and Euro Codes).

Earthworks and drainage

Gunite or shot Crete is sprayed to create A concrete pool shell. Gunite is a dry mix solution with water in the sprayer, whereas shot Crete is already wet. These two methods can produce the same result and have no significant difference in quality if done correctly. But, the process needs a highly experienced team for the premium quality and to obtain strength of 3500-4000 psi. However, if the concrete has insufficient tensile strength, when you try to flex or bend it, the force pulls on the surface may cause to crack it. On concrete pools, this can cause surface or structural cracks. Not ideal. Swimming Pool builders by WIJE DNA PVT LTD compensate by framing the concrete in a web of steel. The steel and concrete create a solid structure that can bend and flex to withstand water, earth, and gravity forces. So, It has no risk if you hand over the job to WIJE DNA PVT LTD’s Swimming Pool builder team. Because we have completed more than 1000 jobs under Earthworks and drainage to construct concrete swimming pools. The experience we have got from them is not simple. That’s why we have grown this large with the trustfulness of our works for valuable clients.

Ancillary pipework

This is also the essential part. A filter system and pump are arranged together on a large tank, either made of metal, concrete, etc. Before concreting the pool, the plumb lines are provided to take water from the swimming pool to the filter system. It is a necessary step. The other end is the swimming pool.

The filter system and pump are connected to the municipal water line or any other water source you have in order to take freshwater into the pool. The arrangement is necessary to restore the water lost from the pool due to splash out or evaporation. WIJE DNA PVT LTD’s swimming pool builder team recommends this procedure for a better experience as experienced swimming pool constructors.


The most popular ways to waterproof a concrete pool are by using tiles, glass, ceramic, or epoxy-cement systems, or any waterproofing membrane. The range of the waterproofing system is performed based on the water table level of the area and the precipitation requirements of the clays. The waterproofing of floors and walls is arranged to secure it watertight. We have provided high-quality waterproofing service for our customers for more than ten years. Our trusted services are guaranteed by recent projects and clients. Don’t overthink about water leaks and any other things. Trust in us.

Construction of Coping

Stress-releasing sitting with the pool view is essential with a warming walk. So, build a coping around the pool. Just place the order. We build it for you. Coping is the walking area provided around the pool’s edge. It can be made unless by marble, concrete, tile, or stone. Always wait for two to three days after the construction of coping with filling the pool. No worries, WIJE DNA PVT LTD’s Swimming Pool builders do it at the correct time.